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I’m Successful, but I Secretly Want to Be Taken Care Of

March 17, 2021

Some independent, successful, smart women feel something is missing in their lives. No matter how many degrees they have, or how much money they make, there is still a little girl inside wanting someone else to provide for them. They want someone to fill that emptiness inside. If you are one of these intelligent, successful and driven women, this is NOT something you want to admit. It feels weak and shameful. Some of this is biological: men are providers. But is that the whole story?

For women who have made it on their own, there is still an insecurity about maintaining success, and feeling like they don’t deserve the success they achieved. Some fear failure or being found out as a phony. So… having a man to fall back on sure would feel more secure, right? Believing we are limited in what we can have, yet lacking in some way if we don’t achieve it, is toxic. Listen to this episode where I talk about the paradox of success and the desire to be taken care of. Why does it still exist, and how can we address it in an honest, empowering way?

WAKEUP STATEMENT (#wakeupstatement)
Waiting for someone else to provide for you can result in a life of walking on eggshells, rather than seeing opportunity outside the illusion.

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