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Forget the Story of No, Yes You Can!

July 22, 2022

You may be successful as a mom or as a doctor or a neuroscientist or even an entrepreneur—anything that has been your north star, but maybe you wanted to embody more or have a different occupation…. somewhere, somehow someone said it was not possible for you. 


As young girls we are often given a lot of mixed messages about what is possible, and this is from our home environment, society, teachers, entertainment, peers and so on…ya know…. are you a girly girl or a tom boy situation?


At the time, the person who gave you an uninspiring message may have felt threatened or was parroting what their perspective on girls was based on their exposure. It could even have come from someone who failed at what you want and so you were convinced not to do it. You got the idea that unless a path opened up that ensured success in that direction, it was a no-go for you! You needed to either rebel and show everyone you could do it, or conform in many cases to do what was expected. 


I mean if the statistic is true that 7 in 10 women want to change their careers or 73% of women…what does it say about the first choice we made? Who’s choice was it?


Even in some families girls are given labels—she’s the smart one, she’s the pretty ones and then it is the rock we trip over—what was possible for a sibling from your family’s perspective is not necessarily possible for you. 

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