MORE:Ask For What You Want

Stopping the Vicious Cycle of Competition and Comparison. Yep—You Can be Successful No Matter WTF is Going on.

July 22, 2022

This podcast came from my observations, my own life and being involved in how women say they support each other, but a lot of the reality (NOT ALL) is there is so much infighting that it makes it impossible to stay consistently on HER team, whoever she is without talking behind her back, after all a nice girl does not disrupt the status quo among women. A good woman lets the hierarchy remain and sucks it in, or spouts it off in ways that end up being beyond her control.


This of course is societal in terms of the environment we are raised in, women don’t need to fight men…they need to stop fighting themselves.


When you stop focusing on the struggle presented by a situation you have with another or other women and focus on creation, love and growth…..your world changes, but it doesn’t feel innate because of our condition. 


The conditioning of a patriarchal society. Now this is not about complaining about that, as I am not about the struggle.


It is about starting with how harsh a judge or an asshole you are to yourself. When you are a dick to yourself, and feel your value is only defined by what you achieve, have or are connected to….you have an opportunity to change your entire life and not only become a true support to other women but to stop being victimized by all the bullshit society saddles on women. 

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